Angel comic courtesy IDW Publishing Angel comic courtesy IDW Publishing

There's life after the apocalypse. Angel fans will finally find out what transpired after the cult show's 2004 finale, as the sexy vampire (played on TV by David Boreanaz) and his team faced down the armies of Hell. Buffyverse creator Joss Whedon has approved a monthly comic-book series that's basically Angel: Season 6, says Chris Ryall, publisher and editor in chief of IDW Publishing, which launches the first issue Wednesday. "We published a miniseries, Spike Asylum, written by Brian Lynch," Ryall says. "Joss loved it and said he finally saw a writer he thought could do this."

Angel: After the Fall, which Whedon will oversee, picks up a few months after the TV finale in a Los Angeles that is literally in hell and ruled over by demon lords. "We'll catch up on which characters survived, how they survived, and the considerable changes Angel and others have gone through," Ryall reveals. Look for such familiar faces as ( Spoiler alert) Spike (who's taken over the Playboy mansion), Gunn, Illyria, and a (sort of) revived Wesley, plus a big role for Angel's generally despised son Connor, who we're promised will be more appealing this time around. There's also a telepathic giant fish as well as Angel's new sidekick, a 40-foot dragon. And never fear, because überevil law firm Wolfram & Hart has lots of power in these netherregions. In a special treat for fans, the main arc will be interrupted by a two-parter called "First Night," which follows the fate of everyone the night of the very big fight, including lounge lizard Lorne. "This is the story that I've wanted to tell since we got the Angel license two and a half years ago," says Ryall. "It's great to finally do a storyline that everybody's been dying to see." - Ileane Rudolph