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The First Trailer for Netflix's Altered Carbon Is Full of Butts and Intrigue

This sci-fi series sure gives us a lot to talk about

Kat Rosenfield

Netflix's adaptation of Richard K. Morgan's sci-fi novel Altered Carbon has been shrouded in mystery since the streaming serviced first announced it last year, but Monday saw the unveiling of two major pieces of this hotly-anticipated puzzle: a release date and a teaser that'll make you wish that date weren't two long months away.

Dropping February 2, Altered Carbon imagines a future in which the most discerning (and presumably wealthiest) human beings can live forever, transferring their now-portable conscious selves into an endless series of vessel bodies -- or, in future corporate marketing-speak, "human sleeves."

The teaser opens with a message from PSYCHASEC, purveyor of said sleeves, which is intercut with disturbing shots of human bodies being stored in vacuum-sealed containers like so many flash-frozen racks of lamb. PSYCHASEC's advertisement invites the viewer to "live forever, in the body you deserve" (while zooming out to reveal one of the so-called sleeves' spectacularly shapely rear end, because even in a future where we've conquered death, humanity's love of butts rages unabated.)

The series stars Joel Kinnaman, who last took a spin through an implanted-consciousness plotline in the 2014 big-screen remake of Robocop. Renée Elise Goldsberry and James Purefoy also star.

Altered Carbon premieres on Netflix on February 2, 2018.