NCIS won't be the same without Agent Anthony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), and whoever the agency selects to replace him will have enormous shoes to fill. Let's hope they have an encyclopedic knowledge of movies, and are skilled with one-liners to boot.

In anticipation of Tony's final episode, we've compiled a list of the 14 things we'll miss the most about DiNozzo Jr.

1. His extensive movie knowledge


2. His seduction tactics

3. The way he doted on Kate and Ziva (the goldfish)


4. His inappropriate office humor

5. The way he'd look at Ziva (the person)

6. His bromance with Gibbs

7. His sarcastic quips


8. The fact that he's quick to react in a crisis...

9. ...and will risk his life for his colleagues

10. His pranks


11. His nicknames


12. There's no one better at going undercover

13. But he's not afraid to show his sensitive side

14. And he's a romantic at heart

The NCIS Season 13 finale airs Tuesday at 8/7c on CBS. What will you miss the most about Tony?

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