After last week's big reveal on NCIS: Los Angeles that Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) did, in fact, kill his former partner, the LAPD detective has an important decision to make. Will he share his secret with the rest of the team - and, perhaps more importantly, will he share it with Kensi (Daniela Ruah)?

"The first thing he wants to do is tell Kensi," Olsen explains. "His relationship to Kensi is too important. So at some point, it's going to be overwhelming. He's going to have to tell her. ... He doesn't have to carry this [secret] anymore. Obviously he's been carrying it for god knows how long. And the fact that Hetty knows means that he's not alone in this, and somehow that absolves him of those crimes."

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How Kensi will react to the news, however, is a different story.

"The mistake is compounded," Olsen explains. "Obviously he killed a police officer, but then he hid it from her. And he had many opportunities to tell her along the way. She gave him the opportunity to do it and he couldn't do it. I would say that's more of a reflection, not of their relationship, but of how Deeks values himself. That's what the fear is. If he really valued himself in the relationship he wouldn't be afraid to tell her this out of some sort of irrational fear that he would lose her."

Is it an irrational fear though? Or will Deeks' secret be too much for Kensi to bear?

Teases Olsen: "There's a twist that we didn't see coming as actors, and I don't think the audience will see coming either, that makes that scene so poignant."

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