Tom Brokaw by Tom Brokaw by Gary Gershoff/ Tom Brokaw by Tom Brokaw by Gary Gershoff/

Former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw has been named interim moderator of Meet the Press. He will moderate MTP beginning Sunday, June 29 and will serve in that post through November's presidental election.

Former host Tim Russert died of a heart attack June 13. Brokaw also hosted a special MTP edition last week that recounted Russert's life and career. Current Nightly News anchor Brian Williams moderated today's MTP telecast.

The AP reports Brokaw discussed taking over the moderator post with NBC News president Steve Capus while riding the train back from Washington to New York from Wednesday's memorial service for Russert.

"The plan is for me to be in place until they can find somebody who can take it over on a permanent basis," Brokaw said.

In addition to finding a full-time MTP moderator to take over following November's elections, NBC must find someone to fill Russert's shoes as Washington bureau chief. - J.R. Whalen

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