Outlaw Outlaw

Outlaw may soon be out of the lineup on NBC.

The network halted production on the struggling legal drama Wednesday.

Outlaw's Jimmy Smits pursues — and plays with — justice

NBC plans to still air the five new episodes of Outlaw already finished.  Should ratings rise on the series' next two outings, production could resume.

Outlaw, starring Jimmy Smits as a U.S. Supreme Court justice who quits the nation's highest court to open his own law firm, drew 10.7 million viewers for its sneak preview. But once the drama moved from Wednesday to Friday, ratings fell to 5 million.

If Outlaw does not return, NBC may consider moving the poorly performing civilian edition of The Apprentice to Fridays at 10/9c to make room for Law & Order: Los Angeles on Thursdays at 10/9c, according to Variety.