B.B. King B.B. King

B.B. King, the B-52s, the Flaming Lips, T.I. and Clint Black are among the acts enlisted by NBC to create their own spin on the famous Peacock chimes.

The artists will appear in a new series of on-air promos as part of NBC's ongoing "Chime In" branding campaign, reports Variety.

King will be adding a twist to the G-E-C notes on his guitar, while the B-52s have come up with some groovy dance moves to liven up the familiar chimes.

The chime spots will air between shows at the top and the bottom of the hour. The reasoning is that execs like NBC Entertainment's Adam Stotsky are "trying to make commercial breaks as entertaining as possible."

Stotsky says the campaign is a win-win situation for the artists - who were not paid, but given a small "gift honorarium" - and NBC saying, "They get added exposure as respected brands, and we get to co-opt their brands and attach them to NBC.

Do you think new chimes will help NBC's brand?