It's time for everyone to slow their roll when it comes to NBC's announced potential Friends reunion during the network's tribute to comedy director James Burrows.

NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt said on Wednesday that all six cast members would be involved in the tribute and the network was working hard to get them all in the same room — but it seems that one cast member will already have to decline.

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Shockingly, it's Matthew Perry - not Jennifer Aniston - that won't be there, according to USA Today. The actor is currently in rehearsals for a London play, the actor's rep says — a fact the network was aware of before they made the announcement Wednesday. NBC is still confident Perry will participate in some way, according to Entertainment Weekly, but anyone expecting a 2016 snapshot of Chandler and Monica (Courteney Cox) will probably be disappointed.

The hope now is that Perry's absence doesn't have a domino effect on the rest of the appearances. The special will tape on Jan. 24, which means NBC has a small window to get the rest of the cast in the same room. The special airs Feb. 21.