Naked, Golden Paris Hilton Not only did Paris the heiress strip down to nada for a photo shoot, but she also lathered herself in gold to crawl across a desert. So why the risqué shots? To launch her new line of sparkling wine, which comes in a gold can, of course. Sources do say, however, that something good will come out of her bubbly sales, since a portion of the proceeds will go to the Rich Water Foundation. Aw, Paris, how humble of you to give back! Watch it now! |

More online videos Get a Peek of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Listen up, all you Potter fanatics, 'cause we've got a very special treat for you - an awesome behind-the-scenes look at the next Potter installment, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Hear from the cast and crew about what's to come, including Voldemort wreaking havoc across the world and a new little romance that's sure to make Ron blush. Oh, and would you believe Neville has facial hair?! More online videos How Kiefer's Faring in Jail 24 badass Kiefer Sutherland is really having a tough holiday season this year, spending not only his Christmas behind bars but his birthday and New Year's as well. Serving time for his DUI isn't all bad, though, because as it turns out, Kief's got plenty to keep him busy during his 48-day stay - in the form of boatloads of fan mail, that is. Seems as though this popular con hasn't lost any of his fan base. So if you want Kiefer to actually read your mail for once, now's the time to send it - it's not like he's got much else to do! Watch it now! | More online videos Charlie Brown Meets Misery Only Robot Chicken would be able to pull off what could quite possibly be the best (and probably only) Charlie Brown/Misery parody. Sally, Charlie Brown's motor-mouth sis, goes all sorts of Kathy Bates on Linus as she holds him prisoner to write her a love letter. She even kills a Val Kilmer look-alike in the process! Watch it now! | More online videos Ingrid Michealson's Music Video Chances are that during the past few months, you heard this song but had no clue what the name of it was - or why you couldn't stop humming it to yourself, for that matter. Whether or not you have heard indie-pop artist Ingrid Michaelson on the radio, you probably recognize her hit "The Way I Am," namely from the ridiculous amounts of play it got from a recent Old Navy commercial. And we can't get enough of the music video! Watch it now! | More online videos For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now!