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Maine Coon cats may have been favored by pirates, but one Texas cat owner is so fed up, he may toss poor Wolfie off the plank.

On the return of My Cat From Hell on Saturday (8/7c, Animal Planet), cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy visits an Austin couple in danger of splitting up over their aggressive and unruly Maine Coon, Wolfie.

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Wolfie is such a bully, drawing blood from every human limb within reach, that even Heather's friend in Iraq is glad to have an excuse not to cat-sit. Even worse than that bad cattitude? Wolfie's nonexistent litter-box skills. Heather may think Wolfie is cute, but her partner Bijan has reached his limit for dealing with surprise "assets." 

Check out this exclusive sneak peek to get an idea of Wolfie's reign of terror:

My Cat From Hell premieres its fifth season Saturday at 8/7c on Animal Planet. For more kitty mayhem, click