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Move over, Teen Mom: MTV UK is shining the spotlight on Teen Dad this July.

Inspired by MTV's Teen Mom, the series will follow six young men as they face the trials and tribulations of being young parents, according to Digital Spy.

On the MTV UK website, the casting notice called for teenage fathers with a child less than 2 years old. "Are you a new dad who wants to be more involved but isn't sure how to start? Are you more interested in football than changing nappies?" reads the notice. "Does your girlfriend wish you'd stay at home with the baby rather than go out? Do your parents want you to face up to your responsibilities?"

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Among the six new fathers being followed is Reece, whose girlfriend got pregnant when he was 18, and Jon, who had only been dating his girlfriend a month before she began expecting their child.

The series will premiere July 29 on MTV UK.