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MTV is staying in business with Snooki & JWoww.

The Jersey Shore spin-off has been renewed for a second season, the network announced Friday at the Television Critics Association's fall TV previews. The series debuted in June to 2.4 million viewers, a big drop from Jersey Shore's Season 5 premiere, which drew 7.6 million viewers.

Snooki & JWoww: Shockingly tame

Speaking of Jersey Shore, the show's sixth season will return Thursday, Oct. 4 at 10/9c. The fifth season capped off with 4.99 million viewers turning in for the season finale. Additionally, the network also renewed hidden-camera series Money From Strangers.

"MTV has been a beacon for each young generation throughout its history, and this Millennial generation is no different," Head of MTV Programming David Janollari said. "Our distinctive blend of reality and scripted shows gives voice to the excitement and possibilities that frame their everyday lives. We strive to reflect their hopes, dreams and struggles, with a mix of humor, authentic voices and engaging stories that you can't find anywhere else on TV."   

MTV also rolled out panels for its new series, including an adaptation of British series Inbetweeners as well as Catfish, a show based on the popular documentary film. Get the scoop on the network's new fare:

Based on the British series, Inbetweeners stars Joey Pollari, Bubba Lewis, Zack Pearlman and Mark L. Young as high schoolers stuck in the middle of the social ladder. Though the 18-episode British series was a starting point for the MTV series, executive producer Brad Copeland says his version, like The Office before it, will find its own way. "We tried not to copy exactly what they were doing and take the essence of it," he said. "The first season, out of 12 episodes, I'd say six borrow skewed versions of their plots. They only did 18 episodes, so there's really not that much to borrow." Inbetweeers will premiere Monday, Aug. 20 at 10:30/9:30c. 

MTV orders adaptation of Brit comedy Inbetweeners, four new reality shows

The docuseries is inspired by the film of the same name, in which Nev Schulman, the show's creator, fell in love online, but was disappointed to learn that the woman he thought he knew wasn't quite who he expected. That's why Schulman and filmmaker Max Joseph are now helping those who find love online meet in person. While the network insists this isn't a "gotcha" show and there are some actual love stories in the mix, there are plenty of deception stories, with people motivated to lie because of poor self-image, insecurity and even revenge. The one thing the producers promise is that even Schulman and Joseph are discovering the truth along with their subject and don't know anything in advance. "The most important thing to me was to make it on my terms and the No. 1 term for me was I don't want to know anything because I suck at acting," Schulman said. "I can't pretend. We're actually going and discovering." Catfish: The TV Show will premiere Monday, Nov. 12 at 10/9c, followed by the return of World of Jenks at 11/10c.

MTV's dramedy follows five friends — Jared Kusnitz, Inbar Lavi, Michelle Ang, Sarah Habel and Diego Boneta — who, after one year out of college, struggle to tackle the real world. They attempt to stay optimistic through their major life changes, including taking on dead-end jobs, terrible bosses and romantic mistakes. Sound familiar? Executive producer Craig Wright recognizes the comparisons to HBO's Girls, but notes that he himself is not the voice of this generation, especially since it's based on his 23-year-old son. "I'm someone who's interested in listening to the voices of this generation," he said. Underemployed premieres Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 10/9c.

MTV orders two new scripted series, four reality shows

Though a reality series, Wakebrothers is more like a comedy. It follows the personal and professional lives of wakeboarding sibling superstars Phil and Bob Soven. The brothers are closer to Dumb and Dumber, with one brother the prankster and the other the more mature adult. The series, which airs Wednesdays at 11/10c, will follow the pair on the U.S. Pro Wakeboarding Tour.

Check out a clip of Inbetweeners: