Short-form, mobile-only streaming service Quibi launches in April, and trailers for its shows are starting to trickle out. On Friday, Quibi released a trailer for its upcoming action thriller series Most Dangerous Game, and you know what? It looks cool, and we're pretty excited about it!

Most Dangerous Game is a contemporary take on the famous old short story by Richard Connell about a rich guy hunting a man, which entered the public domain this year. It stars Liam Hemsworth as a man with a terminal illness who wants to provide for his wife (Sarah Gadon) and unborn child before he dies. In desperation, he turns to a shady guy (two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz), who hooks him up with a special gig: For 24 hours, he will be hunted by assassins. If he can survive the day, he'll get $24.5 million.

Most Dangerous Game is written by Scorpion's Nick Santora and directed by Mad Men's Phil Abraham, who both executive-produce. Quibi describes it as a "Movie in Chapters," with each chapter being 10 minutes or less.

Everything to Know About Quibi, the Short-Form Mobile Streaming Service

Previously, Quibi released trailers for its Kiefer Sutherland-led thriller The Fugitive, comedy series Flipped, and drag docuseries Night Gowns with Sasha Velour, and they all look pretty fun. There might be something to this Quibi thing.

Most Dangerous Game will premiere in April. Quibi launches April 6.

Liam Hemsworth, <em>Most Dangerous Game</em>Liam Hemsworth, Most Dangerous Game