In today's fast-paced world of showbiz, tastes change so quickly that few performers manage to get dubbed flavors of the moment, much less entertainers of the year. And far rarer than even flashes in the pan like Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts are Hollywood's true icons, the artists who can boast of not only looks, but vision, too. With impeccable style and astounding versatility, they blaze trails for themselves and set high standards for those with the talent (or at least the nerve) to try to follow. Among this caliber of stars, one shines brighter than all the others — and we'd say that even if she couldn't render us unconscious with a single karate chop to the head.

Her name? Miss Piggy.

Today, in honor of the rapidly approaching 25th anniversary of

The Muppet Show, the variety program that introduced the actress-singer-dancer's unique gifts to an audience unprepared for (and, some might argue, unworthy of) such greatness, we risk our necks to present the definitive interview with a larger-than-life character who will always be remembered for her, uh, hits.