<EM>Six Feet Under</EM> Six Feet Under

We were a few minutes in before I realized that this episode started without a death other than Nate's, of course, but that counted toward last week's tally. Nevertheless, as much as I've mocked this show for its melodrama and I really slammed it two weeks ago when Nate collapsed I have to admit that his death was gracefully handled, as was its aftermath this week. Well, grace doesn't exactly apply to the woman who hits David with the C-word while he's holding up everyone behind him at a light, but hey... driving in L.A.'s like that. Which is why I ride my bike and take the subway to work.

"All he ever wanted was someone who could make him feel like he was a better man than he actually was. It could've been anyone," Brenda says to Maggie. Ouch. But true, much of the time. Yet balancing out the ouch is the fact that, with just two more episodes after this, I'll never have to see or listen to the ghost of Nathaniel again; I really can't stand that guy. That's a last, but now I'm thinking of a first. Just last week I pointed out that Rescue Me was the first show to call Jesus a p----. SFU just topped it, aiming all the way up at the head office and calling God an a------. Not to dwell on that, though, since the best moments of this week are about some of the more positive things, like George's getting up at the service and saving the day by giving the best speech. And whatever you think of the show and where it's been going, that funeral service from Ruth's walking David from the car all the way to Claire's stepping up to help with the body and all of them shoveling was top-notch. I could have done without Brenda's spat with dead Nate at the end, but I don't take many points off for that. A solid episode, on balance.