Miley Cyrus by Lester Cohen/ Miley Cyrus by Lester Cohen/
Miley Cyrus is on a pedestal for most of her fans, but one of her Hannah Montana costars is also giving the girl credit for being a good role model.

Montana actress Shanica Knowles told People, "I'm going to give her props for that. She's doing an amazing job and I'm not really surprised by her success because she definitely deserves it." She went on, "[Miley] is and she always has been [a good role model]." Cyrus and her dad recently took heat from a magazine for not buckling up in a movie scene - but clearly that incident didn't mar Shanica's opinion. Knowles, who plays Amber Addison on the Disney show, also pals around with Cyrus after work, saying that she, Miley and costar Anna Maria Perez de Tagle "will go shopping afterward or just spend the night at [Cyrus'] house, and just do fun girl things." Keeping it real when you're world-famous? That gets props. - Anna Dimond Related: " Miley's Dad Apologizes for Seatbelt Slip-up " Miley's Movie Pulls Off Some Box Office Bests