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Mike Myers Brings Dr. Evil from the White House to The Tonight Show

The Austin Powers character got fired from the Trump administration in this sketch

Liam Mathews

Mike Myers resurrected one of his most beloved characters on The Tonight Show Wednesday night, playing Austin Powers villain Dr. Evil as a just-fired White House employee in a riff on the Trump administration's revolving door.

Dr. Evil told Jimmy Fallon that he originally planned to be the Secretary of Evil, "but Steve Bannon got that job," which is a pretty dated reference, considering Bannon stepped down from his post as chief strategist in August. So what Dr. Evil did instead was be an "ideas guy." The wall was his idea, but he wanted it to be a moat filled with "spiky blowfish."

"And I didn't want the Mexicans to pay for it," he said, bringing his pinky to his mouth in his signature Dr. Evil gesture, "I wanted Alec Baldwin to pay for it."

Apparently all the evil Trump administration stuff was Dr. Evil's doing, except deporting DREAMers, because even he has limits.

Dr. Evil even announced he was running for president and revealed his campaign slogan: "Make the World Evil Again." His running mate will be the only man more hated than Donald Trump: Mark Zuckerberg.

It doesn't seem impossible, tbh.

Mike Myers is secretly the host of ABC's reboot of The Gong Show in character as British comedian Tommy Maitland. The game show returns for Season 2 later this year.

The Tonight Show airs weeknights at 11:35/10:35c on NBC.