If one were to compare Life on Mars' Detective Ray Carling to The Sopranos' Christopher, one big diff would be the gents' temperament. "[Ray's] center of gravity is a little different," Michael Imperioli says in this video Q&A. "He's a police officer, so he can't let his emotions run rampant," as his Sopranos alter ego did (often to his own detriment).

Imperioli also reflects on the 1970s craze he had forget about until starting work on Life on Mars (at the 1:20 mark), details how he has given himself over to the retro look (1:45), and ponders whether Jason O'Mara's Sam Tyler will ever fit in at the 125 (2:15). Imperioli then wraps things up by confirming one major way in which ABC's Mars will differ from the U.K. original. Life on Mars airs Thursdays at 10 pm/ET.

Michael Imperioli adjusts to LIFE ON MARS.

Matt MItovich interviews Life on Mars' Michael Imperioli about his new role and pet rocks.|Life On Mars|Michael Imperioli|Matt Mitovich|