How I Met Your Mother So it seems like cake-making Victoria isn't the title mother after all. Darn those long-distance relationships. It worked for me and also for Lily and Marshall, but Germany to New York is too much of a stretch for Ted and Victoria. Successful or not, long-distance relationships suck, at least according to Marshall: "You know who likes long distance? Girls. It is all talking and no sex. Kill me now." Turns out that Lily had a similar take on their summer apart. Guess those two really are soul mates. Good thing, as their wedding costs are already starting to add up. But there is someone who does like long-distance relationships, and that, surprisingly, is Barney. But in typical Barney fashion, that's because he is juggling four long-distance loves. "There's Lisa in Madrid, Erica in Tokyo, Laura in Denmark and Kelly on 34th Street. The lass thinks I'm a humble sheep shearer from Kilarney." Barney's comments are even more amusing after seeing his evolution last week. Also loved Lily trying on wedding dresses. Especially the one that looked like a mullet (long in the back, short in the front). But the best line of the night was when she discovered her perfect gown: "Snap my neck now so I can die this pretty." That's our sweet blushing bride for ya.