James Earl Jones James Earl Jones

This... is Two and a Half Men.

Sources tell TVGuide.com exclusively that James Earl Jones and his world-famous baritone — which in the past has been put to great use as Darth Vader and the "voice" of CNN, to name but two examples — are going to be paying a visit to the CBS hitcom.

What brings Jones to the Harpers' world? As the episode's title makes clear, it is the none-too-small matter of "Death." As in, he's playing the clergyman officiating at a funeral for Charlie (Charlie Sheen).

What?! They're killing off one of the two-and-a-half male leads?! You shall see, you shall see....

Whatever the case, it's time to pay your respects to Men's irascible ladies' man, so all you strippers and bimbos, go treat yourself to some nice new fishnets, why don't you.

In addition to voicing rather famous fathers in the Lion King and Star Wars films, Jones is an eight-time Emmy nominee, converting his bids into booty twice in 1991 (for the drama series Gabriel's Fire and the TV-movie Heat Wave). He also delivered a helluva speech paying tribute to the sport of baseball in Field of Dreams: "Ohhhh, people will come, Ray. People will most definitely come."