Gretchen Mol and Dermot Mulroney,<EM> The Memory Keeper's Daughter</EM> Gretchen Mol and Dermot Mulroney, The Memory Keeper's Daughter

The channel that branded itself as "television for women" ventures into HBO and Showtime territory with a top-notch adaptation of Kim Edwards' best-selling novel, The Memory Keeper's Daughter (Saturday at 9 pm/ET, Lifetime).

Starring a trio of feature-film actors — Dermot Mulroney, Gretchen Mol and two-time Oscar nominee Emily Watson — director Mick Jackson (The Bodyguard) tells us he "got the sense that [Lifetime] wanted a more ambitious movie as it were, rather than a movie of the week." Jackson signed on as a fan of the book: "It's a real page-turner. It's about secrets and the things people don't tell each other, and I think television, even more than movies, is so well-equipped to get inside [characters'] heads."

In order to attract his "wonderful" cast, Jackson jokes he employed "pleading," adding, "I couldn't see anybody else but Emily — I could look in her eyes and see the world that's behind them." He has praise for his other leads as well: "[Dermot's] performance [is] very, very subtle, and Gretchen has a kind of openness and vulnerability that's quite startling."

Mol also earns kudos for shooting a beach scene in Nova Scotia in December. Jackson laughs, "There was nothing between that polar wind and Gretchen but her bikini." Brrr!

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