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Melissa McCarthy Exposes the Liberal Conspiracy About Gravity While Hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live

But Jennifer Aniston is not having it!

Kat Rosenfield

With Jimmy Kimmel taking some time off for his family, Jimmy Kimmel Live guest host Melissa McCarthy used her platform to her full advantage on Thursday -- that is, she put on a massive menorah suit and exposed the massive liberal media conspiracy surrounding the basic laws of physics.

That's right, sheeple: climate change is real, but gravity is a bunch of baloney. According to McCarthy, the science surrounding the so-called "theory of gravitivity" is far from settled, and nobody (especially not Jennifer Aniston) can convince her otherwise.

We're not totally sold on McCarthy's claims that she only stays tethered to the earth by keeping a giant anvil chained to her foot at all times (if gravity isn't real, wouldn't the anvil just float away, too? DISCUSS), but the spectacle of McCarthy batting an airborne Aniston around like a giant pinata is too good not to watch.