Melissa and Joey Maggiore Melissa and Joey Maggiore

It's all in la famiglia at Tommy V's, a San Diego restaurant run by siblings Melissa and Joey Maggiore, who serve up delicious Italian dishes along with mmm-mmm good drama. Tonight the doors open on Season 1 of their reality series, Family Style (10:30/9:30c, Food Network). Mangia!

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TV Guide Magazine: Why do you think your lives make for tasty reality TV?
Melissa: Giving the audience an inside look at the restaurant business is interesting, and when you throw in the family dynamic — it's very difficult to work with family...
Joey: [Interrupting] What are you trying to say?
Melissa: I'm saying it's really hard to work with you, Joe. [Laughs] You're a pain in the butt!

TV Guide Magazine: What's coming up on the show?
Joey: We film a commercial and I take Melissa to an organic farm, where she walks around in her 22-inch heels.
Melissa: They were like 7-inch heels.

TV Guide Magazine: You're no slob in the kitchen either, Joey.
Joey: I never take my bling off. I like to give people a show.
Melissa: Oh, yeah, they get a show...a show of your chest! I mean, who wears a V-neck chef jacket?

TV Guide Magazine: If you were to describe yourself through a meal, what would you prepare?
Joey: Our childhood is what I want to serve, so fresh pasta, rice balls, osso buco.
Melissa: Agrodolce, which is sweet and sour. When you're a woman and in a position of authority, you need that balance.
Joey: But Melissa, we haven't seen the sweet yet.
Melissa: [Laughs] That's Season 2.

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