Michael Emerson, Lost, Brooke Shields, Lipstick Jungle, Eddie Cahill, CSI: NY Michael Emerson, Lost, Brooke Shields, Lipstick Jungle, Eddie Cahill, CSI: NY

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Will Ben's childhood girlfriend, Annie, be showing up on Lost this season? And any word on Rousseau? — Adam
MATT: I'd give my Dharma-brand nuts to have the castaways time-trip to the Others' very early days and spy on nerdy Ben and his pubescent crush. And who knows, maybe that territory will be plumbed when we get a Ben-centric episode in mid-March? As for "the French woman," I'm holding firm to my belief that we see Danielle in this week's episode. (Team Darlton will dissect my theory in this Thursday's "Getting Lost" video entry.)

Did Lipstick Jungle's final two episodes do well enough in the ratings for NBC to reconsider keeping the show on the air? — Spence
MICKEY: The short answer is yes, they did! "It has not been officially canceled," says Angela Bromstad, president of NBC's prime-time programming. "I happen to think it's a wonderful cast and a quality show, but it's just not [performing broadly] enough in the ratings." She went on to say that they're investigating the idea of placing it on a niche-ier cable network. Wouldn't Lipstick be a perfect fit on NBCU's own Bravo? Well, watch what happens!

What happened to Reed Garrett, Mac's stepson on CSI: NY? Are we going to see more of him? — Luc
CSI: NY's Flack and Angell have confirmed that they indeed are "seeing each other." What's next for them? Also, will we see more of Flack's alcoholic sis, Sam?  — Clarisse
TIM: Executive producer Pam Veasey has teases galore. Reed and Sam may return in Season 6, she says. And now that Angell and Flack are indeed in a relationship, viewers can expect "some hot moments to come."

Criminal Minds' Hotch and Prentiss have had some great scenes together this season. Is there any chance (fingers crossed) that they will become a couple? — Holly
MATT: A couple, no but a source tells me you will see how much they care for each other as team members. That moment comes during a February March sweeps episode, when Hotch sticks his neck out for Prentiss on a case that is very personal to her. In that same hour, you'll also get new insight into Prentiss' romantic past, including mistakes she made as a teen.

Is Christina still on 90210? If so, what will happen between her and Dixon? — Diamonde
MICKEY: Lauren London's appearance on next week's episode is the last for which she is contracted. It's unclear what the producers intended Christina's legacy to be — she wasn't exactly a new love interest for Dixon — but at least we got to use the term "lesbian cheerleader" here on the site!

Any scoop on NCIS' Tony DiNozzo? Out of all the characters, I think we have the least back story on him! — Akhila
MATT: That tide is about to change, Akhila. "Tony fans are in for an exciting season finale — poignant, sad and shocking!" exec producer Shane Brennan tells the Buzz. "But before then, in an episode called 'Knockout,' we'll learn more intriguing details about Tony's recent past." It's like Christmas-come-late, am I right?

I like the chemistry between Amy and Ricky on The Secret Life of the American Teenager. What's next for those two, and for which girl does Ricky have real feelings? — Kelly
TIM: Ah, to understand the emotional loyalties of the teenage mind. Given Amy's marriage to Ben, you might think the bond between her and Ricky would end. But you might be wrong. Frequent Secret Life director Jason Priestley struggled a bit when we asked him what's next for Amy and her band-camp paramour: "Ben and Amy go through with their wedding, but then obviously... Amy and Ricky try to, sort of... this is tough, I'm gonna get in trouble if I tell you too much." Interpret as you will.

I know In Plain Sight won't be back until summer, but do you have any scoop?  Like maybe that Mary's mom and sis will be going far, far away, never to be heard from again? — Camille
MICKEY: Yes, Lesley Ann Warren is kind of a pill as Jinx, but she's a good foil to daughter Mary's exasperated eye-rolling. Brandi, I'm afraid, isn't going anywhere either, since they've just cast Joshua Malina (Sports Night) in the recurring role of her new AA buddy. Bonus! Lost's Libby (aka Cynthia Watros) will appear in an early Season 2 episode, as one of Mary's witnesses.

It looks like TBS is setting My Boys up for an early-April return.  Do you have any additional information? — Patrick
TIM: Just one piece of good intel that contradicts your own, Patrick — but I think you'll be glad. My Boys is returning in March.

What can you tell me about The Unit? Please say that Charlotte Canning isn't hooking back up with Col. Tom Ryan! Also, who can I bribe to get Robert Patrick more screen time? — Brittany
MATT: Your bad news: We haven't seen the last of Tom's estranged wife, Charlotte (played by Rebecca Pidgeon). Your good news: When The Unit reports back for duty on Feb. 15, new light will be shed on Tom's past as he ponders a promotion one which would remove him from the Unit.

Is Sons of Anarchy going to return? — Joanne
TIM: It sure is. FX's biker drama will be back for its second cycle in the fall — no date's been set — and creator Kurt Sutter has teased that the sophomore season will focus on internal struggles. Oh, and also choppers.

Can you please tell me if we will finally see Kyle XY and Jessi get a chance this season? I really love them together. — Nonna
MATT: Does a belly button collect lint?

Tim's Mega Rave: Most years, I'm the only person alive who doesn't care about the Super Bowl. This year I feel like the only one who does. I get that the Cardinals don't have many fans outside Arizona, and that plenty of teams hate Pittsburgh for destroying their hopes (again and again). But I used to live in Arizona and The 'Burgh, so I couldn't be more psyched. Pittsburgh deserves the edge for having the better fans — their mayor even changed his name from Luke Ravenstahl to Steelerstahl. Legally. I think he's changed it back, but yeah: Go Stillers.

Mickey's Mini Rant: We love Desmond Harrington as Dexter's shady Joey Quinn, but his one-dimensional portrayal of Gossip Girl's nefarious Uncle Jack, a sweaty-faced cokehead flailing to steal Chuck's inheritance, fell flat on its Bass.

Matt's Micro Riff: 24's Colm Feore is one feisty First Gentleman.

Reader Quote of the Week: "My 8-track stopped working last week. Will the government buy me a new iPod?" (DerekPhx, weighing in on the government-subsidized transition to digital TV, which is now slated for June 12)

P.S. to Supernatural fans: Due to the passing of Kim Manners, Part 2 of Sera Gamble's Q&A will not post this week.

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