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Mega Buzz: What Will Kick Sharon and Andy's Major Crimes Relationship to the Next Level?

But could that also be the thing that dooms it?

Adam Bryant

Major Crimes colleagues Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) and Andy Flynn (Tony Denison) may want to take their new relationship slow, but that may not be in the cards.

"They are cautiously optimistic that they can date," executive producer James Duff tells TVGuide.com. "They are trying to make sure they have a professional relationship at work as well as a personal relationship off the premises. But it's going to be hard."
Especially when Sharon's ex-husband Jack (guest star Tom Berenger) re-enters the picture to defend a confessed murderer who now wants to withdraw his confession. While Sharon and Jack play a legal game of cat-and-mouse, Jack ends up getting much more personal. "Their relationship becomes more hostile," Duff says. "They can hardly speak to each other at the end. He does something to directly affect Andy's relationship with the entire squad, and he's brutal about it. And [Sharon] is equally brutal to [Jack]. It's a great duel."

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However, the biggest challenge to Andy and Sharon's relationship has nothing to do with her ex. On Monday's premiere (9/8c, TNT), Andy suffers an injury while pursuing a suspect that will become more and more serious as the season goes on. As a result, things get much more serious on the relationship front as well. (Let's just say you'll be seeing a lot of the characters together when they aren't at the precinct. "It accelerates things for them in a way they weren't prepared for," Duff teases. "You'll see them up close."

Check out an exclusive sneak peek at Andy's injury below. Major Crimes airs on Mondays at 9/8c on TNT.

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