At the end of last week's The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes seemed to believe that even if he couldn't trust his new hosts in Alexandria, he could take their safe haven from them. But how serious was he?

On Sunday's episode, while the rest of the group continues to acclimate to their new surroundings, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) recruits a couple of his allies to begin secret meetings to discuss a possible takeover. In fact, the cabal even organizes their first covert mission to put their plans into place.

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Unfortunately, the movement might end before it even makes it off the ground. Not only does an Alexandrian catch one of Rick's agents sneaking around, but by the end of the episode, two people — including the one you would least expect — have warmed so much to the peaceful way of life that they might not go through with their original plan.

Do you want Rick & Co. to take over or do you think they should just make the most of their new community?

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