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I'm worried about Irving on Sleepy Hollow? Is he going to be OK?  — Heather
Actually, it turns out that selling your soul to the Horseman of War isn't all bad. "There's part of signing that contract that does work in his favor," executive producer Len Wiseman says. "As dark as that is, there's something in the offer that's quite hard to turn down. It is something that his character is going to have to struggle with because the temptation is not an easy one to turn his back on."

Do you have any How to Get Away with Murder scoop? — Beth
On Thursday's episode, we'll learn all about Connor and "find out why he's such a player," executive producer Peter Nowalk tells us. "It's a lot more than just sleeping around." Might it have something to do with his hookup with Michaela's fiancé back in the day? Meanwhile, Marren Trudeau (guest star Elizabeth Perkins) is no average client-of-the-week. The high-profile businesswoman, who's accused of insider trading, has a "long history" with Annalise, and "there's a reason she takes the case," Nowalk says.

What's coming up on The Flash? — Matt
On the October 21 episode, Barry's loyalties will be tested when he considers using his powers to bust his dad out of prison. Of course, Barry's adopted father Det. West won't stand for it. Unfortunately for Barry, circumstances will eventually force him to choose between the two men. Meanwhile, we learn that Barry's third father figure, Wells, has been waiting to take Barry under his wing for much longer than he lets on.

Is Maggie really going to leave Grey's Anatomy? — Grace
It sure looks that way. In fact, Dr. Pierce even goes as far as handing in her resignation papers! While you might be surprised by Meredith's reaction, there's another unlikely ally who wants Maggie to stick around. Plus: Look for some new information about Ellis that could change her mind.

I'm so glad that Amaro is back on the squad on Law & Order: SVU! What's coming up for him? — Whitney
It's still pretty unclear exactly what's going on between he and Rollins these days. But while most of the squad is oblivious to the underlying tension between them, their personal connection could cost them dearly when a dangerous, highly emotional suspect starts to develop feelings for Rollins but begins to suspect something is going on between her and Nick. Uh-oh!

I am in need of some Damon-and-Elena scoop on The Vampire Diaries.
While stuck-in-the-'90s Damon will be reluctant to believe Bonnie's crossword theory, they quickly find clear evidence that proves they're most certainly not alone. But will the person actually be able to help them? Meanwhile, look for Alaric's compulsion to take immediate effect on Elena, whose new outlook, especially regarding Damon, shocks even her best friend.

I can't wait to "Thank Grimm It's Friday"! But isn't Nick going to be handicapped by not being able to see the Wesen woge? — Mark
You don't know the half of it! Not only will Nick have to rely on Trubel to be his seeing-eye-Grimm, but he'll discover that there's another problem associated with losing his powers. It turns out that there's an unintended consequence to the spell that Adalind cast on him that will only get much worse. Can't that Hexenbiest do anything right?

Felicity Smoak is the best part of Arrow, but will we ever learn about her life before Oliver? — Chris
Yes — and soon! Episode 5, which is aptly titled "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak," will finally fill in the backstory of everyone's favorite I.T. Girl. "All the flashbacks will be from Felicity's point of view," executive producer Marc Guggenheim says. "You're going to learn a bit more about her father. You're going to learn a lot about her mother."

What's the deal with Frances Conroy's creepy son on AHS: Freak Show? —
Well, first of all, his name is Dandy. (Shudder.) On Wednesday's episode, the overgrown petulant child runs away from home to join the freak show. But when even the freaks are, like, um, no thanks, his mother (Conroy) brings the freak show to him — by hiring Twisty the Clown! We won't go as far as to say that the two get along, but nobody dies. So that's something.

I need some Covert Affairs intel. — Nick
Unfortunately, Ryan is not doing too hot when Season 5 resumes. But Annie can't stick around to nurse him back to health. Instead, she's off to Istanbul to tail Belenko — with some help from an old friend. Oh, and someone dies.

I'm glad that About a Boy is back! What can you say about Season 2? — Sharon
Love is in the air! For starters, Marcus is going to fall for what David Walton describes as a "dangerous girl." But don't look for Will to give the best advice. "Will is going to kind of get caught up and lead Marcus astray," Walton says. However, the real problems arise when someone new enters Fiona's life — someone who clearly doesn't mesh well with Will.

Is it too early to ask for Justified scoop? What can you say about the final season? — Allen
Although the audience knows Ava appears to be working with Raylan to bring down Boyd, how long will it take Boyd to figure it out? Perhaps longer than usual. "Love is a complicated thing and it allows you to see things sometimes that you shouldn't and not see some things that you should," Walton Goggins says. However, both Raylan and Ava might want to think twice about crossing Boyd. "He's like the Bush administration right after 9/11: Either you're with me or you're against me," Goggins says. "This is the heavyweight round, and at the end of it there's going to be one man standing."

Mega Rave: If all of The Walking Dead's fifth season can be as action-packed and emotionally rewarding as Sunday's premiere, we're in for one hell of a season.

Mini Rant:
 So, if enough characters keep saying that Homeland's Quinn is madly in love with Carrie, is that supposed to make it true? #showdonttell

This Week's Recommendation: American Horror Story: Freak Show (Wednesday at 10/9c, FX) If you thought Jessica Lange's David Bowie cover in the premiere was awesome, just wait until you see Sarah Paulson's two-headed take on Fiona Apple's "Criminal."

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