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Mega Buzz: Who's Romancing Alison on Orphan Black?

It's not who you think!

Hanh Nguyen

The Clone Club does not lack for libido.

This season on Orphan Black, when Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and her sestras aren't fighting for their lives or dealing with the threat of the male clones of Project Castor, they'll carve out some time for some sweet, sweet lovin'. And yes, that includes uptight, alcoholic, suburban soccer mom Alison. But who's the object of her high-strung affections?

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As we know, Justin Chatwin (Shameless) will guest-star as an old flame of Alison's. But he has some competition: Alison's ineffectual husband Donnie (Kristian Bruun)! The couple hasn't had the best track record (see: Alison's terrifying glue-gun interrogation and the subsequent revelation that Donnie was her monitor) but this season, things have changed.

"We've only seen them bickering and mistrustful of one another, but the family that slays together, stays together," executive producer Graeme Manson tells "So, bonding over the death of Dr. Leekie (Matt Frewer) has done wonderful things for their marriage." Adds executive producer John Fawcett: "Let's just say that there may be some semi-naked bedroom antics. Whenever we can see Kristian Bruun in his underwear, we're happy to take the opportunity."

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