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Do Anna and Elsa have a connection to any of our favorite Once Upon a Time characters? — Nathan  
You mean other than Elsa having been locked up in Rumple's vault all those years? It sure sounds like it! "Maybe there is an unlikely friendship that Charming had in his past that maybe literally changed the entire path of his life," Josh Dallas told me at Comic-Con when I asked the exact same question. Safe  money is on him being friends with Anna over Elsa, though.

I can't wait for the final season of Sons of Anarchy. Give me scoop! — Mel
As you may have read in reports from Comic-Con, the season opens with Jax giving a pretty brutal beat-down to a fellow inmate. But that's nothing compared to the stomach-churning punishment Jax doles out to the person he (wrongly) believes murdered Tara once he gets out of the slammer. And don't expect Jax to let up anytime soon. "Jax was always so tortured by the pull of who he thought he should be," Charlie Hunnam says. "There's something really liberating about being rid of the sense of having to be a good guy. This is about Jax deciding, if he's got no reason to leave [the outlaw world], he may as well be what this world demands you be."

I need some Alex scoop for Grey's Anatomy— Rhonda
Although Shonda Rhimes said Alex won't back down from becoming a board member, he will struggle with the decision to edge Bailey out. In fact, he'll have to do some major soul-searching. "His responsibilities and who he's becoming because Cristina has left him these shares and a seat on a board — does he want that?" she says. "Is that what he's looking for? Did he want the money grab that Dr. Butthole provided him or does he want to be the guy who has a seat on the board? That is a big deal for him to figure out what he wants."

Do you have any New Girl scoop? —  Zorah 
Get ready for the year of Cece and Schmidt! However, it'll be a while before the two actually come together, especially since Cece spent the summer in Australia with Buster. In the meantime, Schmidt has been sleeping around like the douchebag we all know and love from Season 1. "He's trying to get over Cece," executive producer Liz Meriwether says. But that's easier said than done. In fact, his obsession will begin raging again once he sees Cece at the wedding in the premiere.

I'm so excited to see Mary-Louise Parker on The Blacklist. Do you know anything about her role? — Harold 
Talk about being guilty by association! Parker's character, Naomi Hyland, has such a deep connection to Red's past that she'll find herself in Berlin's crosshairs when the NBC drama returns for Season 2. In other Blacklist news, I hear Liz won't waste much time officially cutting ties to faux-husband Tom Keen — though there's at least one part of him she won't be able to shed.

I still can't believe someone is going to die on Chicago Fire! What else can you say about Season 3? — Mitch 
Executive producer Matt Olmstead hints that the loss will be especially devastating for Chief Boden. "[He's] at the pinnacle of being happy in his life — [he] just got married, a baby on the way — and then this tragedy happens," he says. "So, he's trying to stay present in these great moments in his life while also dealing with the grief of other people, and himself in particular." Can't we just pretend no one is going to die?

How will Alex react when she learns Piper is the one who turned her in on Orange Is the New Black— Yuri
Not well. (And don't expect Alex to be grateful that Piper's betrayal possibly saved Alex from assassination.) "Alex sees through her bulls---," Laura Prepon says. "When Alex does find out, she's going to know why [Piper] did it and it will be really interesting." Perhaps Piper will lock Alex in the dryer again so they can talk it all out?

Anything on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., specifically how Ward might factor into the first couple of episodes? —Mary, via Twitter
Don't worry, Ward will still play a big role in Season 2 — as will Hydra. "He spent his whole life being a follower and being told what to do," executive producer Maurissa Tancharoen tells me. "Now he's in our custody and alone, so what does that mean for him? Season 2 is Ward continuing to discover what he wants."

Is Irving out of the fight now that he's stuck in Tarry Town Psychiatric Hospital on Sleepy Hollow— Tara
Nope. In fact, he'll play a pivotal role in the new season, what with his battling demons and all! "He's up against forces that are incredibly powerful," executive producer Mark Goffman says. "As we find out, Tarry Town Psychiatric has a history with ghosts. Since it's a mental institution, they're not just ghosts, they're crazy ghosts. He's got his hands full. Over the course of the season, he will help lead a rebellion."

Thank you so much for all the Arrow scoop lately! Any more tidbits lying around? 
Oliver's list is gone! Stephen Amell revealed to me that when Arrow returns for Season 3, Ollie will be busy picking off all the major crime bosses, whose names are now kept neatly organized on a board in his lair. That could problematic when Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) comes into the picture. "We both bid for Queen Consolidated in the season premiere," Amell says. "Spoiler alert: He gets it."

Please tell me Marcel and Klaus will be buddies in Season 2 of The Originals— Samira
I have good news for you! "Marcel and Klaus are in a really good place," executive producer Michael Narducci says, hinting that Marcel's experience fighting werewolves is valuable. "Klaus has an agenda. ... If Klaus wants to deal with the Guerreras, he'll need someone who knows how to do that." Though Marcel won't remember that he helped save the Baby Hope, he and Klaus "will come to terms with one another in a really cool way," Narducci teases.

Will Nadia be back on Chicago P.D. this season? — Tony
You bet! Lindsay will continue trying to help Nadia stay clean after she entered rehab at the end of last season. "This is Lindsay now trying to help her go straight — give her a job working in the squad answering phones and looking after her," executive producer Matt Olmstead says. But Lindsay's help might end up backfiring. "[She's] a little overprotective," Olmstead teases.

Mega Rave: Felicity's flashback episode is titled "Oracle," and Ra's al Ghul is coming to Starling City?! Arrow totally owned Comic-Con when it comes to teases for the fall!

Mini Rant: Of course there's a miracle cure for Bill and Eric before True Blood ends!

This Week's Recommendation: The Killing (Friday on Netflix) The fourth and final season will follow Dets. Linden and Holder as they manage the fallout from their actions in Season 3 while balancing the case of a murdered family whose only survivor attends an all-boys military academy headed up by an excellent Joan Allen. (The biggest mystery: Is this really the end of the un-killable show?)

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