Ed Helms, Amber Riley, Michael C. Hall Ed Helms, Amber Riley, Michael C. Hall

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Got any scoop on The Office? — Matt
Someone (who may or may not be depicted above — Andy's da boss now, so he gets the photo) has a secret girlfriend! We have to admit we're a little saddened by the development, as it dashes the hopes — perhaps temporarily — of a hookup we thought was in the makings. Guesses?

On Glee, how can McKinley High have two glee clubs? They can't send them both to sectionals, right? — Jessica
Did you not watch The Glee Project? Sometimes everybody wins! That said, we don't think Shelby's club — which now boasts Mercedes (and judging by the preview for next week's episode, Santana) — is long for this world. Why? Because executive producer Ian Brennan says so! "Will's been like, 'OK, they don't really affect us,' but at a certain point, it's going to," Brennan says. "The clubs are headed for a showdown." Here's hoping for a West Side Story-inspired rumble! Pow-pow!

Is it just me or is Dexter moving kind of slow this season? — Courtney
I don't think it's just you, but things start cooking in a big way over the next two episodes. You know how the show usually kills off the guest stars at the end of the season? Well, one of this season's new characters will meet his or her maker much sooner than that.

What's coming up on Terra Nova? — Jonathan
If you thought Josh Shannon was annoying (he's like the new Tyler), just wait until you meet Commander Taylor's son. Let's just say the arrival of the 11th pilgrimage will not be a welcome one.

What's coming up on The Secret Circle this week? — Mallory
Executive producer Andrew Miller says that the arrival of All Hallows' Eve will cast a spell on viewers. "The Halloween episode is wickedly fun," he says. "Not just because they get to dress up in insanely sexy costumes, but it's just the one time of the year when they can let their freak flag fly and no one really notices, because everyone else is doing the same thing." But they won't be the only ones, and the kids' mysterious adversaries will take good clean fun into the realm of the dangerous.

Got any good Castle spoilers? — Melissa
Sounds like Beckett and Castle are going to have to tread lightly on an upcoming case. It concerns a politician who, despite being well-loved among his constituents, finds himself mixed up in a crime. Given what we know about Capt. Gates' desire to move up the ranks, we bet she'll be paying closer attention than ever to this case.

I really enjoyed the premiere of Once Upon a Time, especially that hot Prince Charming. What's coming up with him? — Sarah
Well, there may be two of him! Josh Dallas teases a possible Prince and the Pauper story line in the future. In an upcoming episode, "you find out where he came from and who his parents may or may not be and maybe he has a brother," he says.

What can you tell me about Parks and Recreation? — Michael
Leslie Knope is about to meet her match. No really, we're going to meet the guy she's running against for City Council. He's described as dim, but handsome, charming and beloved to the citizens of Pawnee. Hey, that sounds like that down vest-wearing Sweetums dreamboat who crashed Leslie's town hall meeting! Perhaps they're related...

How does Morgan handle being the Intersect on Chuck— Bart
As we revealed last week, being the Intersect will go to Morgan's head — but what the team should be worried about is what it's actually doing to his head... and this doesn't seem like something the Governor will be able to fix.

I'm so glad Juice's suicide attempt on Sons of Anarchy failed. Just tell me he won't try it again!  — Kasey
Would that I could, Kasey, but Theo Rossi tells me that Juice's near-death experience doesn't wipe away any of the guilt he carries for betraying SAMCRO. "He's so destroyed and weak at this point," Rossi says. "He loses all self-confidence. He's struggling to find out who he is and how he is going to live with himself on a day-to-day level." But, an upcoming episode reveals a reason to fight after all. "There is a significant, significant change that comes upon him," Rossi teases.

Happy Endings has to be the most underrated show on TV right now. Please show it some love! — Joshua
Penny and Dave will actually be showing the love soon. When Penny starts dating Dave's therapist, he gets back at her by taking out her shrink — taking out, kidnapping, same thing, right? I'm no therapist, but it sounds like there might be some underlying sexual tension going on there, no?

All I want for Halloween is some American Horror Story scoop! — Veda
How about two scooplets? Tate is related to someone related to the Harmons' casa de horror. Also: Ben's keeping another secret from his family, and it's likely to come out much sooner than the one about him building a gazebo over his dead lover's tragic final resting place. It's a good thing Vivien's got Rubber Man to fall back on.

Natalie's Mega Rave: On Sunday nights, the magical world of Once Upon a Time is a welcome escape from rampaging serial killers, horny housewives, decomposing zombies and sexed-up attorneys.

Adam's Mini Rant: What's with the overly expositional opening credits sequences this year? (Looking at you, Ringer and Person of Interest!) It's like 1985 all over again.

(Additional reporting by Denise Martin and Kate Stanhope)

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