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Mega Buzz: Homeland's Mission, AHS' Freak Show and a Nashville Triangle

Each week, executive editor Adam Bryant satisfies your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to megascoop@tvguide.com. I can't believe what Carrie did in the Homeland premiere! What's next? — Victoria Fortunately, Carrie is headed back to the Middle East — far, far away from her baby. Once there, she will quickly ...

Adam Bryant

Each week, executive editor Adam Bryant satisfies your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to mega_scoop@tvguide.com.

I can't believe what Carrie did in the Homelandpremiere! What's next? — Victoria
Fortunately, Carrie is headed back to the Middle East — far, far away from her baby. Once there, she will quickly set up a new team (including a few familiar faces) and quickly go about getting close to Aayan, the med student who survived Carrie's strike in the premiere. But will he talk? "This is obviously an asset that she's going to work very hard to recruit and it's going to prove very difficult," executive producer Alex Gansa says. "It's fascinating to watch. You're manipulating people, you're looking for human weakness, you're seeing what your advantages are and then you're ultimately trying to figure out a way to turn a person. That's the advantage of putting Carrie overseas right now: We get to see her do what she was trained to do."

I can't wait for American Horror Story: Freak Show! Is there any truth to the rumor that this season will include musical numbers? Manny
Yep, in fact you'll hear Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) sing in Wednesday's premiere. But don't worry. Ryan Murphy isn't turning AHS into Glee. A more apt comparison might be the film Moulin Rouge... that is, if Twisty the murderous clown played Ewan McGregor's part and Nicole Kidman had two heads.

Please tell me that Avery and Juliette are getting back together on Nashville! — Carrie
Would that I could, Carrie, but it sounds like Avery will continue to nurse his heartbreak with another blonde. "[With] what he's going through with Juliette, there's a natural instinct to gravitate toward Scarlett," Jonathan Jackson says. "Their relationship-slash-friendship... runs fairly deep."

What's going to happen to Hetty on NCIS: Los Angeles? — Will
Bad news first: As the end of the last episode suggested, Hetty is in major trouble. "Someone has bought her personal information off the Dark Web, and they know where she lives," Eric Christian Olsen says. The only silver lining: It doesn't seem like whoever is pulling the strings wants Hetty dead... yet. "These guys are coming specifically for Hetty," Olsen teases. "[It's] like a brown-bag operation in the night... to kidnap her."

Got any more Walking Deadscoop? — Kevin
Although the first hour is an action-packed thrill ride, the show still takes time for some tender moments. Specifically, look for more than one teary survivor reunion. There is also some healthy debate about the quality of Rick's leadership.

Are Bonnie and Damon really stuck in the '90s on The Vampire Diaries? — Lindy
Well, if the music and Damon's outfit didn't clue you in, the '90s song-inspired episode titles have been hinting at it for weeks! But don't worry about Bonnie and Damon. Despite suffering some I Am Legend-caliber boredom, they've become like an old married couple: cooking, grocery shopping, even doing crossword puzzles to pass the time. They'll snap out of it, though, and back into action at the first glimmer of hope for a return to Mystic Falls.

What's next for Ichabod on Sleepy Hollow? — Kini
His wife left him for her former fiancé and his son is the Horseman of War — needless to say, Ichabod is struggling right now. But his partner's got his back. In other words, expect some hilarious bonding time. "Abbie's trying to teach him to chill out and we do yoga together," Tom Mison says. "She says, 'You know, it's the 21st century. You're allowed to show your emotions. You're allowed to open up.'" Ichabod takes Abbie's advice, but it doesn't end well. "Things go wrong when he starts following his emotions," Mison says. Why can't anything be easy for these guys?

Please say everything's going to be OK with Castiel on Supernatural. — Pippa
Although it won't be smooth sailing, all hope is not lost for the angel with the stolen grace. He just might have to team up with some unseemly allies to save himself. "As long as Metatron is not dead, you can always assume he'll factor in somehow," executive producer Jeremy Carver teases. Since Metatron is the one who stole Cas' grace in the first place, could this mean he's the key to getting it back?

I'm still devastated that White Collar is ending! What can you say about the Season 6 premiere? — Daniel
Neal will actually use being kidnapped to his advantage when he learns his captor(s) are the gateway to an elite criminal organization the FBI has been tracking for decades. But after the FBI decided not to release Neal (again!) at the end of last season, will Neal share this information with the Feds or use it to secure his freedom?

I did not see that Originals twist coming! Any scoop? — Kate
No one is more excited about the brothers' resurrection than Joseph Morgan. "I'm very much looking forward to interacting more with Klaus' siblings — all of his siblings — and his parents... because there's nothing like family to bring out the real you," Morgan says. "It brings things to a head." As for Hayley, killing off Francesca was just the beginning of a more action-packed season. "She isn't inhibited by the baby and pregnancy, so Hayley is lot freer," Phoebe Tonkin says. "Now that she's not pregnant, she's on a mission."

I loved the first episode of A to Z! What's next for Andrew and Zelda? — Sarah
Complications, of course! The second episode will pick up the morning after, but Andrew will quickly come down from cloud nine. "A girl comes up to him and is like, 'Hey, I'm really looking forward to tonight.' He basically had this date on the books before he even met Zelda," creator Ben Queen tells us. "So it becomes, do you cancel it? What's the etiquette?"

I'm so sad that Brian Van Holt is leaving Cougar Town early! What can you say about Bobby's exit? — Sharon
We'll definitely need a glass of wine, but it will be for a celebratory toast. You see, Bobby's departure is more sweet than sad. Look for his BFF Andy to play a big hand in Bobby's decision to leave Gulfhaven after an enticing job offer arises in Georgia. (Bonus scoop: For those of you who don't follow Busy Philipps on Instagram, she spilled the beans about an exciting new addition to the gang this season.) Cheers!

Mega Rave:  Yes, I think I will have another damn fine cup of coffee, thank you!

Mini Rant:
Can't Fox just air a half-hour of John Mulaney's stand-up every Sunday instead of Mulaney?
This Week's Recommendation: The Affair(Sunday at 10/9c, Showtime) Come for the great cast (Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson) but stay for the sexy, twisty, True Detective-style narrative that reveals that there are two sides to every story.
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(Additional reporting by Joyce Eng, Sadie Gennis, Liz Raftery, Robyn Ross and Kate Stanhope)