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Mega Buzz: Dome's Pink Stars, Bridge's New Love and Another Leftovers Death

Every week, senior reporter Natalie Abrams satisfies your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to megascoop@tvguide.com or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams Will we finally find out what the heck the pink stars falling in lines means on Under the Dome? — Monica "We're going to see [the stars] in a way that...

Natalie Abrams
Natalie Abrams

Every week, senior reporter Natalie Abrams satisfies your need for TV scoop. Please send all questions to mega_scoop@tvguide.com or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams

Will we finally find out what the heck the pink stars falling in lines means on Under the Dome— Monica
"We're going to see [the stars] in a way that gives us more information," executive producer Neal Baer cryptically teases, also promising that we'll learn much more about that mysterious black egg that Julia dropped in the lake. All the ingredients for the most effed-up bowl of Lucky Charms ever!  

Will Sonya get a love interest on Season 2 of The Bridge— Tony
While a traditional romance isn't in the cards for Sonya, she does form an unlikely bond with someone who has a very close connection to her sister's murder. As Sonya attempts to get closure, she embarks on a "weird, messed-up relationship" with said person, according to creator Elwood Reid.

I really enjoyed The Leftovers. What's coming next?  Heather
If hug guru Holy Wayne ever doubted Tom's loyalty, he won't after this week, when Tom goes to great lengths to protect Wayne and his "very special friend" (cough, underage lover) Christine. Meanwhile, Kevin's tenuous grip on sanity loosens when his colleagues begin to suspect that Dean the Dog Shooter doesn't even exist. It would make sense, as crazy kind of runs in Kevin's family. 

Will Irving be stuck in jail next season on Sleepy Hollow? — Jack
I can confirm what we've all suspected: "Irving is going to be in Tarrytown," executive producer Heather Kadin tells me, revealing that he lands there "with a little help from his new lawyer and partner." But Tarrytown will be no picnic for the former captain. "I don't think he's loving it," she adds.  

Any Hawaii Five-0scoop? — Mary, via Twitter
With Catherine out of the picture, I hear that McGarrett is getting a new love interest. He'll meet her because of a connection she had with his dearly departed dad. (No, not like that!) Apparently McGarrett Sr. investigated the death of a family member for her long after the case went cold. "After he died, this woman, on the anniversary of his death, always shows up at his grave to basically thank him for everything he had done," executive producer Peter Lenkov says. Cue the graveside meet-cute!

I still can't believe Boyle didn't get married on Brooklyn Nine-Nine! Does this mean he will start pursuing Rosa again next season? — Cam
Not exactly, but that doesn't mean that romance is completely out of the question for them in the future. "We're going to see a lot more of their friendship, and in the long run that's going to be good because who hasn't had a relationship that starts with a friendship?" Stephanie Beatriz says. "We'll see whether or not it's going to blossom into anything else, but I have a feeling that they're going to be pretty good buds next season."

Got anything on what's coming up on Major Crimes? Rosa
Rusty finds some common ground with a teenage girl who has a huge secret she's keeping from her sketchy dad, which prompts Rusty to bring up to speed some of the important people in his life about his personal life. Plus: Sykes' new mystery man will finally be unmasked!

Really enjoying Tyrant. But when are the brothers going to lose it on each other? — Keiko
Now that Barry is sticking around, it won't be long before he and Jamal come to blows, especially once Barry uncovers the truth about his brother's extracurricular activities — which could ultimately cost an innocent man his life.

What's next for The 100 now that they've been taken captive? — Vishal
It turns out that Mount Weather isn't as bad as we thought! It's not the sterile prison the finale made it out to be. In fact, there's chocolate cake, priceless art, designer clothes and a very studious teenage girl named Maya who catches Jasper's eye.

Is Defiance ever going to reveal more about Doc Yewll? — Rico
Yep. In Episode 5, a former (female) lover of hers pops back up. (Yes, Doc Yewll is gay.) But the appearance of her ex is far from romantic. "She has a very checkered past," Grant Bowler says. "In fact, we find out she's probably the darkest individual in Defiance."

Will we ever find out exactly what happened between Teddy and Daniel on Rectify last season? — Cedric
Yes! Although Teddy does his best to repress the aftereffects of Daniel's assault, he finally hits his limit next week and reveals the truth of what happened with the coffee grounds. But rather than opening up to Tawney, Teddy seeks out an unlikely source of help — one who might hurt Daniel down the road.

Now that Divya has given birth on Royal Pains, is there any chance of a return visit from baby-daddy Rafa this season? — Kristen
No, but we will meet Rafa's mom, who will be a very loving grandma to Sashi. In addition to sending hand-knit items for the baby, she'll find a creative way to get in some quality face time with her granddaughter.

Mega Rave: Yvonne Strahovski has spent the bulk of her 24: Live Another Day tenure playing second fiddle to Jack, so it was nice to see Kate take the lead in tricking Navarro into giving up the override device tracking code without having to grant him immunity.

Mini Rant: As if the residents of Under the Dome's Chester's Mill didn't have enough on their plate, now there's an ax-wielding murderer on the loose too?

This Week's Recommendation: The Walking Dead (Friday through Sunday on AMC) It's the Fourth of July, which means it's time for marathons! AMC will air all four seasons over the holiday weekend, culminating in a special Talking Deadthat features the very first footage from Season 5!
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(Additional reporting by Adam Bryant, Sadie Gennis, Liz Raftery and Kate Stanhope)