Fret not, Reid lovers! He won't be Russian rushing into a relationship on Criminal Minds.

Though Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) asked Agent Dorian Loker (Emily Churchill) out to coffee last month after they bonded over Dickens and their fluency in Russian, there won't be a second outing anytime soon. "She will not be in the rest of this season," executive producer Erica Messer tells, adding that the function of the date was to show that Reid has finally moved on from Maeve's death. "It's been two years. Maeve is something that will never go away in his heart. We want him to smile again and we think everybody else does too. The fact that this quirky agent who speaks Russian is somebody he'd like to have coffee with - good on him. That's a great thing."

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But that was still just a baby step for Reid. There are no plans for Dorian to return in Season 11, which hasn't been officially ordered yet, or a serious romance with anyone — for now. "But we will probably discuss it and figure it out at some point next season," Messer says.

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