Rising starlet Brittany Murphy — whose haunting Don't Say a Word catchphrase "I'll never teh-ell" is proving to be this year's "Show me the money!" — is plenty forthcoming when grilled about her newest big-screen leading man, controversial rapper Eminem. The 23-year-old actress recently met the Real Slim Shady in preparation for her role as his girlfriend in The Untitled Detroit Project, an upcoming drama loosely based on the Grammy winner's life.

"He's great. I adore him so far," Murphy gushes to TV Guide Online. "He's a good person. He's an honest person and he's funny and talented — and really lovely to be around."

That's all well and good, but can the potty-mouthed lyricist cut it as a thespian? The odds certainly are not in his favor: When it comes to making the jump from music to movies, for every Will Smith, the pop culture landscape seems to be littered with three Mariah Carey's. But Murphy has little doubt Eminem will triumph where so many others have tumbled.

"He's an incredible actor," she proclaims. "You can quote me on this: I think he's going to be absolutely fantastic. He's been incredible in rehearsals — better than most actors that I've ever worked with. More honest than most actors I've ever worked with.

"He's a brilliant musician and I believe that it's [all] the same thing," she adds. "It all comes from that source of energy."

Murphy knows from whence she speaks: In her latest film, the Penny Marshall-directed comedy Riding in Cars with Boys (opening Oct. 19), the Edison, N.J., native deftly belts out a rendition of the Shirelles' "Soldier Boy." Is the Clueless star looking to do a little genre-hopping herself? Winks the up-and-coming chanteuse: "That's definitely a future goal."