Extroverted identical twins Nicole and Roxanne Frilot fuel male fantasies with their wet T-shirtless performance in The Real Cancun. These Texas Tech sophomores say the folks back home in Albuquerque, N.M., aren't surprised by their wild antics. And if the self-proclaimed reality-TV addicts have their way, we've hardly seen the last of them. Here, they sit down with TV Guide Online to get even more revealing...

TV Guide Online: That was quite a wet T-shirt contest! Have you done anything like that before?
We're really bad. When we drink, the clothes come off. We can't control it. We're really comfortable being naked, but we never touch each other. I don't touch her, ever, ever. And I cannot believe when we saw that footage. That was the biggest thing about it, that we were [dancing topless] together.
Roxanne: But we're not even 100 percent comfortable with our bodies. So that was kind of odd in itself, that we got up there anyway and did it. José Cuervo was definitely calling our name.

TVGO: The casting directors obviously picked up on your lack of inhibition. But do you think you had an advantage because you're twins?
They told us that there were 30 or so sets of twins auditioning! The fact that they were casting for groups — I think twins jumped at the chance for that.
Roxanne: I think it was more about our stories. I had a boyfriend for four and a half years, and I just became single. So spring break was my new single thing.
Nicole: And I just got a serious boyfriend.

TVGO: What did your boyfriend think of you going?
At first he was like, "I can't even believe you would ask me this. None of my other ex-girlfriends would even think about going without me." Well, welcome to Nicole Frilot's world. But now he's totally supportive. Even with the wet T-shirt contest, I'm flipping out about it, and he's not. He's awesome.

TVGO: Did you hook up with anyone, Roxanne?
I didn't have sex with anyone, but I hooked up with people.
Nicole: She kissed, like, everyone in the hall.

TVGO: Since you've become part of the Bunim-Murray family, have you met any Real World or Road Rules cast members?
Trishelle [from RW: Las Vegas] was at a club when we were in Cancun. She is such a slut. She and [Cancun castmate] Casey got along pretty well.

TVGO: Have you been approached with offers of fame and fortune yet?
We have some school obligations, so we're having a really hard time juggling right now.
Nicole: But in reality, if someone comes up and says, "Hey do you guys want to pose for Playboy?" or whatever, we'll accept!