Meatloaf Meatloaf

At last, the moment we've been waiting for: the first, fully fledged, forehead vein-popping meltdown of this already tense season of The Celebrity Apprentice. In this sneak peek from Sunday's episode (9/8c, NBC), the usually easy-going Meat Loaf explodes at Gary Busey over... art supplies. Huh? We're obviously missing the context here, but this looks like the result of leaving Meat Loaf in the pressure cooker of reality TV for too long. It's hard to say how justified his tantrum is, but clearly "I bought those motherf---ing sponges!" will rival Dionne Warwick's "I got your number, hussy" as one of the best quotes of this very good season of the show.

Watch the Meat man explode in the clip below:

Are you shocked at Meat Loaf's behavior?