I meant to watch Ray Romano's return to TV on The King of Queens, I really did. Especially since the commercial of Ray calling his mom to see if he could stay over at Doug's made me chuckle every time I saw it (and trust me, it was on a lot). But I just got home too late. And I know there will probably be an angry e-mail from several of you asking, "Why bother mentioning it at all if you didn't actually watch it?" I am trying to preempt the storm of e-mails saying we were stupid for not covering it. Sorry all, but I did make it home in time to catch How I Met Your Mother, which was really on tonight. From the whole vampire bartender joke to the cleverly used flashback-style story line, I was thrilled. But I just about jumped out of my couch which I had barely settled into when Winnie Cooper walked out of Ted's bedroom! I know Danica McKellar is a fine young actress and I should think of her as someone other than the character she played years and years ago, but seriously, how cool is it that dopey Ted hooked up with Winnie Cooper? High five, anyone? AC

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