[Warning: There are spoilers in this recap for Season 1 Episode 7 of Mayans M.C., "Cucaracha/K'uruch," obviously. Read at your own risk!]

For a member of Mayans M.C., the only thing that comes close to being as important as the club is family. That's apparently doubly true and not true at all for Coco (Richard Cabral), who only recently reconnected with his. Let's just say Thanksgiving at his house is going to be awwwwwkward.

Coco decided to protect one member of his family, his daughter Leticia (Emily Tosta), from another, his mother Cecilia (Ada Luz Pa). When Letty showed up beaten and bruised, she told Coco it was her grandmother who did it, so Coco rode to his mom's house and drowned her in the bathtub. I'll be the first to admit that Cecilia wasn't the stereotypical portrait of an average granny, stealing cash from Letty and cursing out Coco as a terrible son. But Coco taking her out was a bit of an overreaction, even for the short-tempered Coco.

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Complicating things is the fact that Letty made the whole story up — the visual of Letty smashing her head into the toilet for convincing wounds was something, wasn't it? — in order to get someone to dispense some justice on Cecilia. Aye, aye, aye. Sons of Anarchy had some messed up family drama of its own; remember, Jax killed his mother Gemma, but Gemma killed Tara and spun a web of lies that gave Jax a real headache. But this was off-the-cuff matricide! Now Letty has Cecilia's blood on her hands (even if it's actually all over Coco's), not that she minds given how much of a sociopath she is. How is Coco going to clean up this mess? Maybe it will be a father-daughter activity!

Richard Cabral, Emily Tosta; Mayans M.C.Richard Cabral, Emily Tosta; Mayans M.C.

Things were slightly happier for Miguel (Danny Pino), who finally got out of jail after it was revealed that Adelita (Carla Barrata) set everything up — the kidnapping, the arrest — to get a face-t0-face with Miggy in order to (brace yourselves) establish a partnership!?!? This slapped me across the face with the hand of ridiculousness. Adelita, who has complained since day one about the cartel carving her family up, was now ready to make peace with Miguel? This smacks of chicanery on Adelita's part, and her reasoning — "We can't defeat evil, all we can do is point it in the right direction. Let evil feed our children, care for our sick. We let the devil secure our future." — doesn't sell it, sorry.

This is either a plot point gone very wrong, or a classic Kurt Sutter bait-and-switch and Adelita has something more sinister planned. Sutter loves his convoluted master plans, and Adelita has already shown an affinity for them with the kidnapping. But hey, it was good to see Emily (Sarah Bolger) get to hold her kid again!

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The happy family reunion was short-lived, however, as Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) and the DEA showed up to cuff Miguel and the rest of his crew for... we'll see. Potter only showed up late in the previous episode, and I figured this layer of law enforcement would stay on the sidelines for a while before becoming a major player, but nope. They stormed in and gobbled Miguel up after Kevin (Maurice Compte) went to the mat for EZ (JD Pardo) when he found out the feds were done with EZ's deal and moving on to something else, essentially signing EZ's death warrant. I expected EZ's problem to last longer than a simple cop chase, but EZ was let off the hook when Potter called off the BOLO in light of new information from Kevin. Well, that was easy.

Elsewhere, we also learned that Adelita's father was Felipe/Ignacio's (Edward James Olmos) partner back when he was cutting the heads off bad dudes for the DEA, giving them a convenient tie to each other. Angel (Clayton Cardenas) and EZ don't know that, though, so expect that to come back around sometime soon.

This week's "uh oh, this guy's f***ed" goes to Riz (Antonio Jaramillo), as Angel snitched on Riz using the tunnel system. With Coco finally telling the club about his daughter, the suspicion of who the snitch is goes to Riz as they caught him smuggling people across the border (at least that's what it looked like), a side gig that the club won't take a shine to. We've still got a few episodes left, so it's unlikely that Riz is the snitch, if there is one at all. What do you think?

"Cucaracha" let a little bit of the air out what was built from the previous episode, and some of the most white-knuckling moments of this episode — like the BOLO put out on EZ — were wrapped up in the hour easy-peasy. And with Adelita and Miguel working on a truce (or at least that's what we're supposed to believe), I'm wondering what the big story is as we head into the final three episodes. That's enough time to build something new, but a lot of the tension of the first half of the season seems resolved.

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