Married to Medicinestar Jill Connors was arrested earlier this month after a bloody confrontation with her husband Dr. John Connors.

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, on Aug. 13 John confronted Jill over text messages between her and another man. John threatened to take their three kids if she was cheating. That is allegedly when Jill started to hit John in the face with a spoon and began punching and scratching him. John claims Jill then took a kitchen knife and began cutting herself in the arms and chest while screaming "He's cutting me."

John called the police and when they arrived, Jill admitted, "I hit him. I started it, I know." However, Jill told police that John was the one who had cut her with the knife, but the authorities didn't believe her story. Jill was arrested for domestic violence and cruelty to children, since the couple's kids witnessed the incident. She filed for divorce from John a few days later on Aug. 19.