Duke Blue Devils Duke Blue Devils

March Madness is upon us, and this year it's particularly mad.

For the first time ever, the NCAA is televising every game live. With staggered starting times over four networks — CBS, TNT, TBS, and truTV — it's going to get complicated. Do you know how to find truTV in your neck of the woods?

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Don't sweat it. TVGuide.com has launched a special NCAA tournament section to sort through all the noise. We've launched dedicated pages for every team and game; bookmark your favorites and you'll always know when they're playing. Plus: You can follow us on Twitter (@NCAAonTVG) during the games!

See all the first-week games here. Some of the most anticipated early matchups include:

Kentucky Wildcats vs. Princeton Tigers (Thursday, March 17)

UCLA Bruins vs. Michigan State Spartans (Thursday, March 17)

Michigan Wolverines vs. Tennessee Volunteers (Friday, March 18)      

Arizona Wildcats vs. Memphis Tigers (Friday, March 18)

When you're finished planning your basketball viewing, the Daily Sports Watchlist is there to help. It covers all sporting events, including the nation's four major professional sports leagues, college games, auto-racing, golf, tennis, and some minor league and high school games. Say you're a Boston Red Sox fan who lives in Atlanta. The Daily Sports Watchlist will tell you what you can watch where you are.

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Once you've figured out what channel you're watching, click the "I'll Watch" buttons throughout the site and let your Facebook friends know for whom you're rooting.

You're on your own for a reliable body-paint vendor, though.