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Manifest Boss Teases 'Life and Death Jeopardy' in Season 2 Finale

Things are about to come to a head for the Stones

Keisha Hatchett

Season 2 of Manifest has raised deep philosophical questions about the role that Flight 828 passengers and the Calling, a shared supernatural occurrence, play in the grand scheme of things. Have they been picked to serve the greater good through these cryptic messages from a seemingly omnipotent force? Or are they harbingers of the apocalypse, as Adrian (Jared Grimes) has hypothesized? The fact that Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) ignoring a Calling then led to Cal's (Jack Messina) abduction by three meth criminals, who we now know are the ominous shadows teased at the beginning of the season, seems to give some credence to Adrian's theory.

With just one episode left, showrunner Jeff Rake alluded to a heart-stopping final hour as Cal's kidnapping brings these questions and more into the spotlight.

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"There is the real-world life and death jeopardy that Cal is in as Ben and Michaela and others race to rescue him. On a more mythological scale, the question is whether Cal's abduction by these shadow figures was somehow triggered by Michaela's defiance of the Calling, and has that in turn triggered a trajectory towards some kind of apocalypse, as Adrian articulated several episodes back," Rake teased to TV Guide.

The episode will also address the season-long mystery surrounding the proposed death date, which suggests passengers and others imbued with the Calling are poised to die in the amount of time they disappeared. With Zeke (Matt Long) approaching the final hours of his life, that question remains more pressing than ever. It may all come down to Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) and Vance (Daryl Edwards), who will make one last appeal to the Major (Elizabeth Marvel) to help save Zeke from his death date.

Manifest's Season 2 finale airs Monday, April 6 at 10/9c on NBC.

​Melissa Roxburgh, Manifest

Melissa Roxburgh, Manifest

Heidi Gutman/NBC