Madonna Madonna

Madonna is not giving up the spotlight without a fight. The 56-year-old posed topless for Interview magazine and while the star bared her (very Photoshopped) nipples in one photo, they are conspicuously absent in others.

Everybody's posing nude!

This begs the question: What's the point in wearing an under corset when there are no nips to be seen? What sort of sorcery is this? Are we supposed to assume that over the years her breasts have shifted to make this anatomically possible? Or is this a new digitally altered look that Madge is trying to make her Next Big Thing?

To be honest, we wouldn't be surprised if it were the latter since she seems to be trying just about anything to stir up interest in this photo shoot, including playing blind (?), channeling Hannibal Lecter and the Bible.

Maybe we'll never know where her nips went. But either way, keep doing your thing, Madge. Miley's got nothing on you.

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