As a typically self-absorbed person from New York, I only recently realized that "mad" is not common vernacular among most Americans. It's a New York City metro area expression meaning "a lot" or "very," similar to Northern California's "hella" or New England's "wicked."

Netflix's upcoming superhero series Marvel's Luke Cage takes place in Harlem, the neighborhood that may have been the birthplace of "mad." Even if it's not, mad people in Harlem say "mad." The streaming service just released the official Luke Cage trailer, and it can accurately be described as mad good (even if it is soundtracked by a verse from El-P, a rapper from Brooklyn).

Rosario Dawson and Mike Colter, <em>Marvel's Luke Cage</em>Rosario Dawson and Mike Colter, Marvel's Luke Cage

It's got Luke Cage (Mike Colter) saving Rosario Dawson from getting hit by a car by blocking it with his body and smashing it up, Commissioner Burrell from The Wire (Frankie Faison) as Cage's equivalent of Uncle Ben from Spider-Man, and more of that awesome scene from the teaser of Cage using a torn-off car door as a shield/battering ram.

The full season of Luke Cage hits Netflix on Sept. 30, and I'm mad hyped for it. Check out the trailer in the video above.