Question: Love you. Love your column. Hence I was hoping that we might be seeing more Ausiello goodness in the new-and-improved-and-in-full-color TV Guide that launches this week. How will this change affect you?

Answer: Yeah, this is a historic week for me TV Guide. The most buzzed-about difference is that the microscopic headshot that had been topping off The Ausiello Report is history, replaced with a new, larger, more seductive glamour shot. And I'm guessing that particular change will affect me in mostly positive ways: more attention, increased fame, bigger ego etc. The column itself will also be longer and more timely the latter the result of a significantly shorter lead time. What's more, my photo will be bigger oh, wait, I covered that. All joking aside, I've seen the first issue (on sale Thursday), and it's amazing and I'm not just saying that to score points with TPTB (tee-hee). It's packed with tons of beautiful glossy photos and more poop than you can shake a stick at, including a three-page Burning Questions feature on Lost, a Q&A with Julian McMahon and a first look at Warrick's new bride on CSI. All that and a brand-new photo of Matt Roush! (See, it's not all about me.)