Again with the reruns from the first season? I understand the need to space out episodes, but couldn't we watch them open the hatch again? Or at least something a little more recent? Please? It is almost like watching a different show when viewing these episodes, not knowing a lot of details about the characters' lives made everyone seem more innocent somehow. Now Charlie's all shady, but then he was just a weak drug addict with an irrational fear of bees and a longing for his guitar. And there was an easygoing jocular way between a lot of the castaways that has disappeared. I can't imagine Charlie now joking with Kate that her shirt full of bees looked more like Cs (as in bra cups) to him. And then there is the great cave crisis that split the camp apart. Now it seems like everyone is living back on the beach, or in the hatch, but exactly how are they getting water? Are they trekking back and forth to the caves each day? Lugging a lot of liquid back and forth just like Jack forewarned? I guess that these staples aren't as important now that there are other threats to their lives. Oh, and I miss Walt. Seeing his adorable little face and asking his dad when his birthday was totally reminded me just how nice it was to have him around. I hope those Others are treating him OK.