<EM>Lost</EM> Lost

So now we know Ana Lucia's backstory. She was shot in the line of duty because she let her guard down for a minute, and when she took four bullets, she lost the baby she was expecting and then apparently in turn lost Danny, who was presumably the father of the unborn child. Phew. That's a lot to cope with, but she sees the shrink for mandatory visits so she can get back into the field, has to work with her mother the captain and then gets all trigger happy at the first opportunity (did you note that their call numbers were 8 Adam 16? Hmmm.). Oh yeah and she basically hunts down the guy who shot her and kills him dead. Not a good person to be giving a gun to. Even Libby, who isn't privy to all of these background details, tells her she's not a very good judge of character, before she takes off for the beach. But while I think this episode was supposed to generate some sympathy for the devil that is Ana, I just can't warm to the girl who shoots first and asks questions later. Hopefully her dealings with Jack will soften that tough exterior a little bit. Meanwhile the most wonderful part of the episode was the touching sequence that showed the reunions of Bernard and Rose and Jin and Sun, as well as Sayid slowly and lovingly carrying Shannon's dead body out of the jungle. While not a single word was spoken, the emotions were high and alternately heartwarming and heartbreaking. Perfect.