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In Lost's Season 3 finale, we learned that both Jack and Kate make it off the island (and that one of them grew a horrific beard). Then, in this season's premiere, Hurley was found to be alive and (kinda) well in the future, himself also a member of the "Oceanic Six." spoke with Jorge Garcia about his good fortune to be among Lost's living. After the season premiere, in every forum available to me, I was saying that you did your best Lost work in that episode.
Jorge Garcia: Oh, right on! Thank you very much. Were you glad that the premiere really addressed Charlie's death, which naturally would have a drastic impact on the original castaways?
Garcia: I was. I'm glad it happened. Last season, you didn't get to see Hurley grieve for Libby until well into the season, in the episode "Trisha Tanaka Is Dead." The rest of the time you saw no aftermath. So this was good, because it was addressed immediately, and that drove the rest of the episode. What was your reaction when you found out that you would be the third member of the Oceanic Six? Were you like, "Time to put in a pool at the house"?
Garcia: [Laughs] No.... But it was pretty exciting. There are so many more possibilities now, seeing where you are in your character's life if you make it off the island. But it feels like a lot of pressure when it's your episode coming out of the gate. You feel rusty, and that makes you nervous. What is Hurley trying to "escape" from in the future, by getting recommitted?
Garcia: I think it's the presence of whatever he's haunted by, something that manifests itself in Charlie coming to visit him. What are we to make of the fact that Hurley's pal there also saw Charlie? Does that make it harder to write off Charlie as a mere figment of Hurley's imagination?
Garcia: I think it does. What exactly the real-world explanation is, I don't know. It's somewhere in when Charlie says, "I am dead, but I am here as well." Somehow both are true. As Naveen [Andrews, who plays Sayid] pointed out to me, the Oceanic Six might just be the people who "officially" get off the island — there might still be people back on the island at this point. Is that your take, too?
Garcia: Yeah, that's the interpretation I got. As for why we all have to go back, why we need to go back, that has to do with the people who are left behind. Why were they left behind? What exactly happened? Apparently Hurley "defects" from Locke's camp at some point...?
Garcia: Right, because then he says [to Future Jack], "I never should have [gone with Locke]." It's kind of like The Nine. You feel like something happened that was not on the up-and-up, and the person who feels the guilt for it is Hurley, because he has always fought for the betterment of the group. In this week's episode, we learn the identity of another Oceanic Sixer. By the end of this season's first eight episodes, will we know all of them?
Garcia: I think so.... But I don't think I know all six yet. I don't know if they got to 'em all by the time we stopped production. What are you hearing as far as the post-strike production schedule?
Garcia: I haven't heard anything. I don't think they'll look at the situation until the strike has stopped. Then they can assess where we are in the timeline, and if it's worth going on to do more. At one point I heard the point of no return was mid-February, but I also heard the end of January. [Now that the WGA strike has ended, read the Ausiello Report for the latest on Lost's plans.] Is there any cast member who's far away from Hawaii now who might be hard to track down?
Garcia: Well, we all got paid our guarantees for doing Lost, so we're committed to the show. They had an option to let us go or pay us our guarantee, and they opted to pay us. The eighth episode in the pre-strike batch, does it have a decent cliff-hanger?
Garcia: That last scene in all the episodes is pretty strong, with a lot of "Dun-dun-duhhh" quality to it. There's a pretty big moment at the end of Episode 8 that will have people talking. I'm just telling everyone to tape Eli Stone just in case Lost cuts off early on the TiVo!

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