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Lost in Space Is Lost at Sea in This Season 2 Trailer

Prepare for space dinosaurs!

Lindsay MacDonald

Lost in Space is taking a quick break from space adventures to sail the seven seas! Or, at least, whichever seas exist on the alien world the show is visiting in the Season 2 trailer.

The next chapter of the Netflix series opens on Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins) making a cute little space vlog about the crew's latest adventure as the first humans to ever try to turn a spaceship into a sailboat. Unfortunately, there can only be smooth sailing for so long on Lost in Space, and eventually our brave pioneers experience something you don't normally get on Earth -- a waterfall in the middle of the ocean. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

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The rest of the trailer is very preoccupied with finding the Robot, who drifted off into space after saving the crew one last time, despite the evil Dr. Smith's (Parker Posey) attempts to sway it to her side. Will should probably track it down sooner rather than later though, since Season 2 is shaping up to have more threats than Season 1. More evil Robots, space dinosaurs, and space wildebeests look like only a few of the dangers our heroes will be up against!

Lost in Space Season 2 premieres Tuesday, Dec. 24 on Netflix.

Mina Sundwall and Maxwell Jenkins, Lost in Space

Mina Sundwall and Maxwell Jenkins, Lost in Space

Eike Schroter/Netflix