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Lost in Space Bosses Weigh in on That Major Finale Twist!

Here's what it means moving forward

Keisha Hatchett

(Warning: This post contains spoilers from the season finale of Lost in Space. Read at your own risk.)

The Robinsons just can't catch a break on Lost in Space!

The close-knit family again found themselves lost in the deep throes of the unknown right as they were about to be rescued by the Resolute. In the closing moments of Season 1 of the Netflix reboot, the Robinsons' Jupiter was hijacked by alien technology and the ship made an unplanned jump into dangerous new territory. Given that where they've landed looks eerily similar to the image the robot drew earlier in the season, it's safe to assume they've arrived at the bot's homeworld.

According to executive producer Matt Sazama, the surprise trip has a lot to do with the Jupiter's engine, an advanced piece of tech presumably stolen from the robots -- yes, there's more than one as we saw at the end of the season -- who will stop at nothing to take it back.

"It's all about these robots wanting to get back this mysterious technology," he told TV Guide. "If we're lucky enough to have a Season 2, you'll learn a lot more about what is it that the robots wanted, why they were sent and what's so important about this particular technology."

But the alien tech isn't the only major complication for the Robinsons. They must also deal with Dr. Smith (Parker Posey), whose questionable morals have made her a major threat to the group. Though she maintains that she's a good person, her actions -- like taking the robot as her personal enforcer -- say otherwise. But Sazama has a pretty good explanation for why Smith doesn't see herself as the villain of this story.

"There are people out there, and I think this is a very extreme version of it, who have this sort of sliding scale of morality and they rebuild reality around them to just make sure they always feel they're not a bad person," he said.

Her penchant for assuming different identities and even resorting to murder in order to keep the facade going puts her squarely in the same league as another habitual liar: Tom Ripley from Patricia Highsmith's psychological thriller The Talented Mr. Ripley. "What they are is constantly living in this sort of sliding scale of what's true or false just to try to achieve a certain goal," explained Sazama. "At certain moments, they may lose track of why they're doing things but they obviously sort of snap back as saying, 'I deserve to be here. I deserve to protect myself. I'm still a good person.'"

And now that everyone has figured out that Smith isn't who she said she was, it will be exponentially more difficult for her to pull another fast one over the Robinsons. Especially since she's currently locked away in a secured room under Maureen's (Molly Parker) careful watch.

With their ship stranded in a galaxy far, far away, angry robots gunning for their stolen tech and a master manipulator in their midst, the Robinsons will have a heck of a lot to overcome in a potential second season.

Season 1 of Lost in Space is now available to stream on Netflix.

Max Jenkins, Lost in Space

Max Jenkins, Lost in Space

Courtesy of Netflix