I'm OK with reruns, but I'm not quite sure why the powers that be decided to air a random episode from Season 1 instead of an episode from the current season. I mean, I thought if they were going to air a Kate-centric ep that it would have been the one with the horses, but instead we get the bank robbery... again. Though I shouldn't complain too much about rewatching anything that has Sawyer taking off his shirt, frolicking in a waterfall and using that sexy Southern drawl to flirt with Kate. Plus, I'll admit it is kind of fun to look back on simpler times on the island before the tailies emerged; when Boone was still alive; when Michael wasn't desperately searching for Walt; when Claire was kidnapped; when Rose was holding out hope for her hubby's safe return; and when Shannon was still alive and tossing around her snarky comments: "Did you ever think that after 16 years on mystery frickin' island that your friend might not be quite adjusted?" Once I would have been annoyed at the pampered gal's sarcasm, but now I realize I actually miss her. So I guess old reruns are good for something.